Audition for American Dreams, Saturday, January 5th!


On Saturday, January 5, 2019 – 12pm – 4pm at BKL Architects, 1623 S. 6th Street, Tulsa

We are looking for STRONG actors who have the ability to fully embody their characters for our production of “American Dreams”

Drawn from Mr. Terkel’s bestselling book American Dreams: Lost and Found, this absorbing and genuinely affecting theatre piece creates an overview of the American experience in our time through the voices of the people. A seamless mosaic of monologues spoken by young and old, rich and poor, the hopeful and the cynical.
Made up of eighteen monologues and divided into six segments (fantasies, nightmares, hallucinations, sweet dreams, broken reveries and visions), the play uses the voices of real people to convey, with striking effectiveness, a sense of what America and its people are, both in truth and in fantasy. Ranging from the rich and famous (Ted Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger) to the obscure (a farmer, a bellhop, a Hare Krishna disciple) to hard-bitten cynics and hopeful optimists, the diverse monologues weave an evocative tapestry out of the simple truths and cogent observations that emerge when people speak their minds with honesty and candor. And, taken together, the various segments and speeches blend into a moving theatrical experience that is revealing, often very funny, frequently moving and sometimes disturbing—but that always speaks from and to the heart of this great and singular nation in all its richness and diversity.

Show runs from April 4-7, 2019 (5 performances)
Tulsa Performing Arts Center – Doenges Theatre

Cast could be of 6 people doing several monologues, or of 18 doing a monologue each.
***The ages are suggested but we are very flexible!***

Character Concepts:

Raphael Sosa – Bellhop, Punk, speaks fast and talks shit (18-35) Puerto Rican
Ted Turner – Mr. Big, high energy, Ambitious, admirable and cocky (35-55)
Jodean Culbert – Leftover flower child, passionate, fast talker (35-55)
Ray Kaepplinger – Meek, shy, sweet with explosive rage, honorable (30-55)
Frank Wills – Warm, responsible, hurt by the racist system, African American (20-40)
Ramona Bennett – Courageous, passionate, factual, pained, Native American (25-40)
Anastasias Kostelis – powerful, proud, sexual, hiding the child inside, Greek (30-50)
Emma Knight – Non believer, warm, intimate, savvy (25-38)
Bob Brown – Scary and funny, insecure (35-55)
Bob Ziak – Powerful, earthy, environmentalist (35-55)
Hershel Ligon – Country bumpkin with a heart (40-60)
Pandarik Das – Hare Krishna, calm, sensible, centered (18-40)
Rosalie Sorrels – Larger than life, proud, insistent, pioneering, folk singer (40-60)
Jill Robinson – A reject from Hollywood, burned-out, sophisticated (35-50)
Vernon Jarrett – Innocence corrupted. African-American (35-50)
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Large ego, ambitious, bad English (35-50)
C.P. Ellis – Southern porch storyteller, racist and compassionate, focal character in Best Of Enemies (45-65)
Elizabeth Ross – Spirited, Optimistic, Helplessly hopeful (50+)

Please Prepare:

2 monologues – 1 comedy and 1 drama
OR plan to tell us a compelling personal story

*Many of the characters can be found in Google so if you are interested in a particular role, you may be able to learn some back story before you audition :)*

This play will be directed by Paula Scheider. Email us at if you have any questions or instant message on facebook by clicking here.