Audition for The Song of Jacob Zulu
The Song of Jacob Zulu
World Stage is looking for actors who are skilled in South African dialects or quick learners
Saturday, November 13 from 2-5 and Sunday, November 14th from 3-5pm
World Stage Theatre Company
306 S. Phoenix, Tulsa, Ok 74127
Directed by Kelli McLoud-Schingen
Show Dates – January 27 – February 6, 2022
Play Synopsis:
Jacob, the son of a minister in Apartheid South Africa is slowly drawn to membership in the African National Congress. Committed at first to non-violence, he’s radicalized by the brutalization of blacks at the hands of the police and the military.  Nominated for 6 Tony Awards this searing drama deals directly and forcefully with two questions: Is violence ever justified? Can there be justice for a black man in a land entrenched in apartheid?  It is a blend of classic Greet theater, Christian ethics, and Zulu tradition, The song of Jacob Zulu is a work of fiction inspired by the actual story of a nineteen-year-old black man who in 1985 set off a bomb in a shopping center at Christmas time.
Characters available:
This is a large cast with multiple roles for men, women, and young adults – black and white.  The only person who plays only one role is Jacob.  All other roles play multiple roles.
What to prepare:
A dramatic monologue using your best South African accent/dialect (Zulu for black people and Afrikaans for white people)
OR A dramatic monologue to show your talent
OR a story of great loss using your best South African accent/dialect
Black people only – prepare to sing a brief song a capella (without music). Preferably blues, jazz, or gospel