Audition for The Wiz, jr.

The Wiz, Jr Auditions
Ease on down the road and audition!

📆 Saturday, April 29th from 1pm – 3pm
📍 At the World Stage Studio at 1130 S Harvard

We are looking for 7-15 year olds (there may be some exceptions made based on talent and maturity)

To audition, please prepare:

* 1 song of your choice (please bring a cell phone to connect to our blue tooth speaker. Choose music only. DO NOT attempt to sing over the original vocals. You can find Karaoke versions of most songs on Youtube, Spotify, Amazon music, and Apple music)
* And memorize the monologue that is embedded in this link…/Trapped%20in%20an%20Elevator…

Play Synopsis

Like an emerald, this precious Broadway gem infuses L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz with a dazzling mix of rock, gospel and soul music. The Wiz Jr. is a vibrant take on Dorothy’s adventures through the Land of Oz and a fun, family-friendly musical that is considered one of the most popular and creative theatrical adaptations of all time. 

Cast of Characters:


Aunt Em (Dorothy’s aunt),

Uncle Henry (Dorothy’s uncle),

Addaperle (witch),

Glinda (the good witch),

Evilene (the bad witch),

Lord Underling,

The Gatekeeper, T

he Wiz,


Lion, and

Tin Man.

Along with an ensemble of munchkins (the youngest of the cast) and the older cast members would be members of the Kingdom.


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