Cornelius Johnson

Cornelius Johnson is a singer of 15 years, actor of 10 years, and photographer of 5. He competed in and won many speaking competitions and choir competitions in high school. He has worked with Theatre Tulsa, Theatre Pops, American Theatre Company, Clark-Henthorne on Riverside, and helped produce a handful of his high school drama club’s performances. Recently, he has begun working on shifting from purely stage and live theatre to adding film to his resume (Travelers by Pioneer Studios in Bartlesville, OK.)

“I love the work that OK World Stage is doing. I didn’t join in the traditional way of ‘interview and selection’, I joined by way of just doing what I love. They found me and we all just fit together like puzzle pieces. Currently we are moving mountains in North Tulsa working with 4th – 8th graders and teaching them about the theatre world as an alternative to other forms of emotional and physical outlets. Those children are amazing and they’re learning to see it in themselves as well. I know we will change the future through our efforts. And I know we will change the world with our love for it.”