World Tours

“Theater is like a gym for empathy. It’s where we can go to build up the muscles of compassion, to practice listening and understanding and engaging with people that are not just like ourselves. We practice sitting down, paying attention and learning from other people’s actions. We practice caring.”

~ Bill English, San Francisco Playhouse

Our first World Tour will be in several cities in the Netherlands October 5-15th!

With the coordination of our Dutch friends, Monika De Waal and Henning Zorn, we will bring the play, “Best of Enemies” by Mark St. Germain to theatres, schools, and the Celebrate Creative Learning Conference in the Netherlands.

Future World Tours and Performance Exchange opportunities are being explored now for the 2019 – 2020 and future seasons.


We believe that theater has the power to connect our hearts and minds to people and their stories.  It provides us with an opportunity to look inside experiences, places, and people who we don’t have easy access to.  Our international performances will take that learning to a higher level.   People encountered while traveling become valued colleagues and lifelong friends. They become places on the map (and a guest room or sofa) to visit later. These interactions give a glimpse of life outside our hometown and lifelong friends, and reveal new and refreshing perspectives that. We learn that people are the same and different and that these differences don’t mean deficient.

Having a chance to perform internationally and engage in talk-backs with these audiences can challenge ones point of view and potentially reveal blind spots. We believe that this opportunity will improve the skills of the actors as well as expand their world view.  The benefit to Tulsa Community Theatre is globally minded actors, stage managers and directors who are also culturally competent, which should make for some great theatre!