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Global Guest Workshop: Telling Stories Differently

Taught by: England guests, Scrambled Egg Theatre Company

Class Description: Scrambled Egg Theatre Company comes all the way from London England to share with Tulsa theatre makers their unique brand of storytelling byemploying timing, music and sound effects to enter into performing for the stage.  They will show how you can use only your body, your face, and a few simple props to create an entire world that will captivate an audience.  No more counting lines to feel like a star.  They will show how to be a star with no words at all!  They use physical theatre techniques and skills drawn from the Jacques Lecoq school to create highly choreographed movement, use timed sound effects or musical score soundtrack.  Their productions have dazzled at international festivals in Monaco, France, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Czech Republic and most recently, Florida in the United States.

This workshop will give an introduction and insight into their style of theatre-making which has an emphasis on physical storytelling rather than the spoken word.

Adult Classes:

Class Description: $50 Adults Class (16 and older), Tuesday, September 12, 2023, 6pm – 10pm

Youth Classes:

Class Description: $25 Youth class (12-16), Wednesday, September 13, 2023, 4pm – 8pm

Additional Classes

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Directing for the Stage: (21 & older) October 2023
Acting for the Stage: (Young Adults 13-18) October 2023
World Stage Legacy Summer Camp: (Ages 12-16) June 2024

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Theatre Education

“Theater is like a gym for empathy. It’s where we can go to build up the muscles of compassion, to practice listening and understanding and engaging with people that are not just like ourselves. We practice sitting down, paying attention and learning from other people’s actions. We practice caring.”
~ Bill English, San Francisco Playhouse

Our Education program might be the most important thing that our company can do for young underrepresented actors and ultimately, Tulsa at large. The research suggests that by providing theatrical training to young people, reading literacy increases, confidence builds, public speaking skills are developed, communication skills are honed, dreams are fostered, and empathy and compassion is nurtured.  It is unfortunate that these programs are being pulled from schools, or have never existed, and the communities that need them most don’t have wealthy alumni to help to fund them.  World Stage sees this gap and is committed to filling the void through free theatre training through drama clubs, field trips, acting classes, and more.

In 2017, World Stage Theatre Company began working with the Tulsa Legacy Charter Schools to teach students in grades 4-8 theatre training.  This is an underserved community on Tulsa’s North Side that has little to no access to theatre arts training and performance.  We are growing our program to include summer camps, directing classes for adults, improv for adults, and acting classes for children and adults.